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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why not ?

I never understood why people maintained blogs. Today, right now to be precise, I found myself wondering "Why not ?". It seems like a decent idea to me now. I think it may be a nice place for me to keep a record of things I'd like to remember or things that I may discover.

When I was in school my teachers, parents and classmates told me that I had a knack for writing. I had even begun writing a novel once ! It was actually a collective effort by our whole class. Our English teacher in the 6th grade did an amazing job of inspiring all of us and so we began writing a novel. We took turns to add content to it, I began writing it and passed it on to the next person who added his own twist to the tale then passed it to the next guy and so on. It had become really weird in the middle when characters in the novel began dying left, right and center according to the whims and fancies of the various authors but it sure was a lot of fun to write. I don't know where it is now, I probably threw it out with a pile of old papers sometime...

Now 5 years later (or more, who's counting ?) I feel bad that I did not pay enough attention to this side of me. Maybe this blog would have been far more interesting had I capitalized on that skill earlier. Maybe this is just me desperately trying to make amends. Better late than never right ?


  1. Definitely Anant! I look forward to that. You can also make use of your skills in photography, to spice it up.

    1. Thanks periamma. That's a good idea, I may do that too !